Transition Prayer 2018-1019
A new challenge for Holy Family Parish has started with the implementation of the transition plan of the Diocese. The future will be a real challenge, filled with many uncertainties, and may leave us fearful yet hopeful for what is ahead. United with one another and guided by the Holy Spirit, let us begin; to go forward - deal with uncertainties - and continue to move forward to carry out our tasks.

We need:

  • Encouragement more than criticism;
  • Understanding more than advice; and
  • Patience more that protests.
O Holy Spirit:
  • Be a source of strength and reassurance;
  • Be with us to see beyond today and ever trusting spirits to know you lead the way; and
  • Be our guide with your wisdom and fill us with your grace as we continue this journey.
Finally, let us pray with and for one another and that you, O Holy Spirit, will be present always in our midst. Amen.
Holy Family Parish

In the fall of 1978 a small congregation of approximately 60 people gathered to celebrate Mass in the library of Garden Creek School. This was the beginning of the journey to establish Holy Family Parish in the Southwest end of Fredericton. By 1979 over 100 families were attending Mass at the school, a building fund was established and Father John Jennings was named the administrator. In the spring of 1981 Bishop Gilbert approved the plans for a church to be built on the present site of 10 acres on Hanwell Road. Over the next year the church and rectory were built and on April 25, 1982, Holy Family Parish Church was dedicated with the laying of the cornerstone. Our church has continued to grow and now is home to approximately 600 families.

Parish Office:506-444-6021 Church Hall:506-444-6022